Why do I keep Snacking?


My name is Esther Klein and my passions growing up were unusual in the ‘frum’ world. I always had a love for acting, and being in front of the camera is where I excelled best. Through this love of presenting, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. While going through my years of university and college, I knew I had to set myself apart from my peers who were looking to pursue the same career as myself in an already competitive world. So, my immediate thought was to start a YouTube channel. I began brainstorming day in and day out, I spoke to friends, family members to help me think of an innovative idea to start off my page. However, nothing was making me go, “wow, this is it.”

Throughout this time, I had my favourite social media accounts that I followed along for entertainment, and for potential inspiration. My favourite Instagram accounts all had to do with snack foods. These accounts showcased the newest, weirdest snacks you could find around. One account in specific would review snack foods, burgers, drinks, and had me excited every time. However, this excitement died down shortly after when I found out these products were nowhere near Kosher. So, I began looking through every social media platform to see if a Kosher snack review page existed, and it didn’t. It was then I realized with my love for being on film, and snacking, I am going to start this. And this is how hardcor_snackie came to existence.

Hardcor Snackie started in February of 2017 when I released my first video explaining what this account is all about. Which in short is an account where I find cool, unique kosher snacks and review them through a 1-minute video giving you my honest opinion, and throwing it a number between 1-10 on the Hardcor Scale. I genuinely started the page with zero expectations, I hoped my friends and family would follow along and that is about it. And I must say, where it is now, is far from what I could have imagined.

I began it to show the world what kosher snacks are available, where they can be found, how they taste, and as hobby/page to present to potential employees. But the reason I continue to do every day is SO far beyond that. To start, people have messaged me saying that I put smiles on their faces, that I have opened their children to eating more healthy foods (ironically enough), and that they have a new-found appreciation for kosher products. But it even exceeds past that, and this is what I do not share with most people. Yes, I want people to be excited about keeping kosher because the idea can sound so daunting and limiting, but once you see all the options we have, it is not so limiting after all. But more importantly, to show the world that an orthodox woman can put herself out there, do what she loves despite the stigma that woman should be in the background because of ‘tzniut’. We live in a society where everyone’s passion will differ and no one should be boxed in. If you have a love for something, there is a way to make it your own while still being true to yourself and your religious beliefs.

I cannot wait to keep sharing it with all of you. Thank you for the constant support.