How did Hardcor Snackie come about?


Hi, my name is Esther Klein and I am addicted to snacks.

My love for snacks started at an early age and unlike most who grow out of their sweet tooth, mine only got heightened.

I crave chocolate, and I dream about ice cream.

My fascination about unique flavoured Oreos, and the newest flavour of Lays chips had me scrolling through social media pages following along with the freshest snack editions to the market. I would watch countless reviews to uncover the mysterious taste of these snacks.

But I always came across the same problem. I would get overly excited about a snack, and then later find out it was not Kosher.

Raised in a home that keeps Kosher, keeping to it is a value engraved in my everyday living.

So I started to hunt down Kosher snack bloggers/vloggers to get the inside scoop on the Kosher snack market. However, I was not successful. I checked every social media platform, and what I was looking for did not exist.

And that is when I created HardCOR Snackie.

I started my Instagram page back in February 2017. My first video was in the dead of winter, at the Metro right near my house. I came up with the script to my introduction video with a friend in about 5 minutes and we just went with it.

HardCOR Snackie, with a nice little pun in the name, is a page I created where I find unique, fascinating, and new Kosher snacks and review them in a 1-minute video clip. I hunt down the most epic sounding Oreos, the most disgusting flavoured candies, the yummiest sounding ice cream flavours, and tell my following my honest opinion on the matter.

I start off every review with my go-to line of “Holler HardCOR Snackers!” and take it from there. I always ‘crank’ open the packaging on camera and ‘bite in’ right then and there. I give it a few ‘mmm’s if I am loving it, or give an ‘ooooh’ If I am not feeling it. I then give it a brief description followed by a rating on the HardCOR Scale.

But It is more than just snacks. Around any Jewish holiday, I try and add some props to my video, and taste a food associated with the holiday. Or I love representing Toronto and Canada in any way. If that requires me to wear a Blue Jays hat, or do my review in front of the CN Tower, count me in. And just shine a positive light on Judaism, and the awesomeness behind it.

It has been an incredible journey thus far. Not only do I get to eat incredible snacks which is literally all I ever want to do. But I have gotten such incredible feedback.

I have gotten messages from people across the world telling me they are excited to come visit Canada because the countries they live in do not have these snacks, I get messages from people imitating me which I always find hilarious, and I have gotten messages from mother’s saying I’ve inspired their children to eat healthier, ironically, and talk about their food.

I started this page not knowing what I want from it. And I am still learning about what to do with it. But It has been a great journey and I hope to getting people excited about Kosher foods and show the world that the Kosher market is quite awesome.