It’s OK to Snack!


“Don’t snack too much”, are four words you probably have heard a couple of times in your life. Whether it is because your mother demands you to save room for dinner, or because snacking far ‘too much’ is an unhealthy lifestyle choice.

We live in a society where food packages are labelled as “guilt-free”. However, if you step back for a minute and think about that marketing tactic, why are we feeling guilty in the first place? Is it a crime to have a chocolate bar? It sort of seems like that in this lifetime.

I began a Kosher snack vlog on Instagram called Hardcor Snackie back in February of 2017. It is a platform where I find unique Kosher snacks and describe how they taste in a 1-minute video that I upload onto social media.

Growing up, I had a love for acting, and a stomach for snacks so I combined the two interests. Each day I upload a new video of me opening a snack, describing it, and rating it on what I created called the ‘Hardcor Scale’. And the snacks I review vary; I eat anything from chips, chocolate, to a fibre bar on “Wellness Wednesdays”.

Now I know exactly what you are thinking, because everyone asks the exact same question…

“are you afraid of getting fat?” And let me tell you, I wish I could describe in tangible actions how much I hate this question. Here’s why.

Why do we immediately think negative thoughts about potentially gaining weight? But what I want to focus on is, why does snacking necessarily lead to weight gain?

This is a common misconception in a world where yoga pants are sold on every block.

Now let me tell you something about myself, I am the girl who will tell you that if you are having a snack craving; to go ahead and eat a bag of chips, or to snatch the last candy bar off the shelf. Am I pushing a negative lifestyle on my friends? Far from it. Should I tell them to grab a “guilt-free” quinoa, chia seed, flax bar instead? Oh hell no! Am I saying we should be eating ‘unhealthy’ snacks all the time? Not one bit.

We live in a world where the word moderation should be highlighted on each platform surrounding us.

Here is an example to better understand. Are video games the most stimulating action out there for our minds? Definitely not. Should we never play them? Of course not. Some individuals use video games as their escape and outlet from the outside world. We should encourage them to play, but, not for endless hours where they are taken away from other activities or important daily responsibilities. That individual should prioritize their tasks and once they are completed, play the game for a select amount of time.

If we deprive ourselves from little pleasures that our bodies crave, it will bite us in the butt a few weeks down the line. We can withhold from sugar and snacking for a couple weeks, but the instant we are in front of a dessert table, there is no turning back.

What am I trying to drive home? Yes, you can eat one chocolate bar per day. Yes, you can have that one piece of cake at your office party. And yes, you can have that one scoop of ice cream on a warm summer day.

Marketers have tried to completely shun the idea of consuming any sort of sugary product into our bodies. But I promise you one thing, having that one bag of salt & vinegar chips in your day will not kill you. Life will go on, just look at me!

However, should you eat those items several times a day, and consume only sugar-filled foods as your daily diet? No. Because our bodies need other nutrients to be healthy so that is not a life of moderation.

It is so important to listen to what are bodies want and need. There is absolutely no reason to be feeling guilty and nervous about your snack cravings

Ensure to continue your day with eating a hardy breakfast, a protein filled lunch, a light but satisfying dinner, and healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables as well.

But eat that chocolate bar. Why? Because eating a snack that does not fall under the category of “guilt-free” is perfectly okay.  Your body will thank you for that delicious extra sugar rush.

So no, there is no such thing as feeling guilty about snacking. We should never feel guilty about putting something into our bodies. We must eat and do everything in the world, in moderation.