Prime Snacks for the Chagim

Prime Snacks for the Chagim 

What are the 3 things that come to mind when you think of the month ‘Tishrei’? I personally think about: going to shul, sleeping & and of course, EATING.  

An easy and tasty grab-on-the-go snack!

An easy and tasty grab-on-the-go snack!

Now, I am sure, that leading up to each Yontiff you thought about which dishes you are going to cook, what desserts you are going to bake, and which guests you are going to invite. While all these things are super important, what I want you to think about is: what snacks should we be chomping on?

With each Yontiff being 2 days long, it is mega crucial to have snacks for you, the family & guests to munch on. Yes, you may have a satisfying and scrumptious meal prepared, but with the long afternoons, everyone needs some fun, tasty, healthy, go-to snacks lying around their household.

So too, here is a list of some pareve, delicious snacks that I highly recommend you purchase before the Chagim, that I am certain will enhance your holiday experience. You’re welcome ;)

1. Snappy Snax BBQ Corn Chips– These are always a winner! They are addictive, packed with flavour, loved by all & have an insane crunch! I also recommend the Snappy Snax BBQ Tortilla Chips, or if you’re a plain lover, try the plain flavoured corn chips!

2. Jolly Rancher Bites– Need I say more? These are chewy, soft and basically one of the best candies of life. I promise you, these are always a winner. Stick them in a bowl on the table and they will be devoured in seconds. 

3. The Good Bean Chili Lime Chickpeas– These are a healthy, delicious and satisfying snack! With a hint of tanginess and spiciness, you will be snacking on these all afternoon long. They are packed with protein and flavour and make a great healthy nosh.

4. Paskez Fiddlestix– Sour sticks are life! Ammi right? I love the blue, green or pink lemonade flavour! However, if you’re looking for something different, try the strawberry lemonade Fiddlestix. They are sweet and sour and have a generous filling inside each stick. 

5. Gefen Sweet Chili Popcorners – These are very tasty & healthy! They are a mix of popcorn and corn chips. I like the sweet chili flavour because it has a pop of spicy, sweet & salty. They have an assortment of flavours that are also YUM.

6. Drizzilicious Birthday Cake/Cinnamon Swirl– These are pareve but taste dairy! They are healthy, seeing as they contain: rice, chia, quinoa & flax and insanely delicious. Packed with flavour, healthy, and come in big and small bag options. 

7.  Haddar Honey Wheat Pretzels– These are perfect for this time of year! You get a punch of honey flavouring with every bite. They are sweet, salty and very crunchy! They come in a big plastic container with a lid and can be sealed for ultimate freshness. 

8. Limited Edition Easy 2 Connect Mentos– These are the same flavours as the regular coloured mentos, but they have a saying/dare on each candy! This is perfect for Chag as you have a game and a tasty snack all-in-one. Some of the dares include: tell a joke, play rock-paper-scissors, give someone a high-five, etc. 

9. Gefen Dark Chocolate Bark with Hazelnuts– Chocolate craving but you’re meat? Well this is the answer to all your prayers. Perfect amount of sweet, bitter, salty, crunchy & it’s delicious pareve chocolate. 

10. Pure Food BeStrong French Vanilla Bites– These are healthy granola bites with pure coffee in every bite! They are cut up into these little cubes and are so easy to just pop into your mouth. They come in a re-sealable bag so you can keep them around for a few days. 

11.  Snack Delite Marshmallow Crisp Rice Treats– These come in individual packages and are great to take on the go! Walking with your child to their friend’s house? Feeling hungry? Grab one of these tasty pareve treats and you will be satisfied for the afternoon.   

Enjoy your Chag and let me know about all the snacks you munched on! Happy snacking!