KFWE Experience 2019

“Like fine wine, you improve with age”

Everyone got one glass that was their glass for the evening. We also got to take them home :) Yes, it made it back to Toronto.

Everyone got one glass that was their glass for the evening. We also got to take them home :) Yes, it made it back to Toronto.

Last week I took the streets of Manhattan and joined Tzafona Wine at the Kosher Food Wine Experience (KFWE) at Chelsea Piers for my very first time.

KFWE is the leading kosher food and wine show in the world. It showcases hundreds of wines from across the world, and caters INCREDIBLE food from some of the hottest restaurants in town ALL DAY.

A day to sample wine and food? Sounds unbelievable already? Tell me about it.

Now, something you should know about me is that yes, when it comes to snacks, I can tell you what colour Veggie Straw I am eating while blindfolded, but I know ZIPPO about wine. Chardonnay vs Merlot?! Cabernet Sauvignon vs Shiraz?! The list goes on…

KFWE, having four shows in four different cities (Miami, London, NY, and LA) each year, calls for the wine connoisseurs to please stand up.

When you first walk in, you are greeted by large tables holding thousands of wine glasses. You are told to grab a glass; THE glass that will remain with you all evening. I snatched one quickly and held onto it for dear life (until I went to the bathroom, and then it was gone. Don’t worry, I took a new one).

While tagging along Tzafona and doing some social media for them, I had plenty of leisure time to walk the aisles and do my thang. At first I was extremely intimidated. With just over 50 different wine brands from across: France, Italy, Israel, and so on, and carrying 5-10 bottles each. I did not know where to begin. I knew I like sweet wine, but also not too sweet. But I also knew I appreciated some dry wines too. But which brand, and what type of wine should I even ask for?

Nervously, I began just walking up to tables and started an honest conversation with the staff by saying that my knowledge about wine is minimal but I am open to suggestions. Through this, I discovered some wines that I absolutely love, and some wines that make me want to hurl thinking about. The Alexander the Great is just exquisite. Tzafona’s Nava wine is superb. Altitude *624 Cabernet Sauvignon is marvelous.  Covenant’s Solomon Lot 70 is fantastic.  I also learned a tremendous amount of new facts about wine, and my appreciation for the art grew drastically. It is literally a world of its own.

Did you know that by swirling the glass, you are letting out the aroma which is the smell of the wine in the glass? The aroma can be floral, citrus, fruity, vegetal, earthy or any number of familiar scents depending on the grape variety used or the winemaking process. Did you know that you can have the SAME exact grape just grown in a different climate, altitude, habitat; giving the wine a completely different taste? Did you there are over 10,000 varieties of wine grapes in the world. Meaning, there is an incredible variety of wine! I was amazed at the knowledge all these winemakers held and their excitement to share it with me.

Oh, and let us not forget: THE FOOD. The first part of the show from 12:30-4:30 was open purely for industries/businesses with a few tables in the back carrying mini tacos, pulled beef stuffed potatoes, turkey, and desserts galore. Then, at 5:30, everything changed. The show was then open for the public till 9:30. A whole new room was opened of just food. You were overwhelmed with aromas coming from the sushi bar, beef jerky table, brisket, dumplings, delicate chocolates, fresh pastries, juicy fruits, and creamy pops. Thousands of new faces came to take part in sampling wines and food, with a whopping total of 5,000 people over the course of the day. 

I stuffed my face, drank delicious wine, met incredible people and took fun photos. It was super fun meeting some fans, and seeing some fellow bloggers!

I honestly had a blast and feel privileged that I had to the opportunity to take part of this show. My view on wine has grown and I even got a name of a wine course that I already started considering. I am hoping to be a wine connoisseur at the 2020 show.