Brooklyn Market 2019

Behind the scenes at Meir Kruter’s booth interviewing people for his promo video

Behind the scenes at Meir Kruter’s booth interviewing people for his promo video

This past week, I hopped on a plane and made my way to New York for the annual Brooklyn Market. It is where female entrepreneurs and shoppers unite to benefit women’s empowerment, all while giving back to Ohr Naava: The Women’s Torah Center. 

This was my second year attending, and I was bouncing off my feet excited.

The market is filled with 85 vendors promoting their clothing, jewelry, food, interior design company, home décor, real estate firm, while over 5,000 shoppers make their rounds finding the trendiest pieces.

This year I went down to do a bit of work for Meir Kruter, photographer and talented painter. These paintings that Meir created, were not just images of holy rabbis, they were made up of letters that together made the whole image. In fact, these letters spelled out the introduction to a piece that the rabbi wrote himself.  

Meir was looking to make a promo video of his paintings out at the Brooklyn Market, and had asked me to come down to be the official anchor/interviewer of the video. 

While going around and interviewing people about their thoughts of Kruter’s paintings, I had time to do my own thang.

I walked around through the endless aisles meeting epic bloggers, saying hello to awesome fans, eating some incredible food, and even taking home some goodies.

While most vendors were clothing/accessory booths, I have my fair share of food highlights: 

I enjoyed creamy ice cream that was in the middle of two soft baked cookies dipped in decadent chocolate from Urban Pops. I had some insanely delicious dehydrated watermelon that I have never tasted in my life from Fruits by Pesha. I had a buttery croissant with thick smoked salmon pieces from BreadBerry NY. And I had gourmet nuts that were coated in rosemary oil. Am I making you salivate already?

A bunch of the vendors included: The Frock, Raju, Initials by J, Kidichic, D RAMA, Deela Couture, House of Flancry, Berryed Treasures, Tal New York, Snoga Athletics, Seven Two Denim, Sparkles Events, Bree Designs, Bonnie’s Balloons, Teela, The Blue Blouse, Sharsheret, Willow and Rose, AND SO MANY OTHERS.

It was incredible to see this warehouse filled with such unity. While you had, booths showing their newest clothing trends, you also had people showing their balloon company, or dinnerware rentals, or charity organization. There was a variety of things to see, do and take part of. 

It was an extremely awesome but exhausting trip. With both my flights to and from New York being at G-d forsaken hours, and spending endless hours on my feet walking around at the market, I was zonked. But it was worth every single minute. I even walked away with some goodies. Can’t wait to rock my new hat, jewelry, and pound those epics dehydrated fruits and nut samples. 

Brooklyn Market, I will being see you next year!