Pesach 2019

Just a couple week ago I had the privilege of heading to Weston, Florida for Pesach. I was hired by Kosherica Travel to be the assistant day camp director, along with posting on my social media. I was excited for the job, and pumped to be able to share my journey with you all. I had the most unbelievable 10 days, except, of course, the first day when I was stuck in the Toronto Airport for 14 hours (#badtimes).

I arrived late Wednesday night, and began setting up day camp alongside Dikla Weitzner, director of Camp Moshava Wildrose, during the next couple of days. We met the staff and together we made the scavenger hunt, prepared the carnival, made beautiful decorated signs for each door, sorted the games, divided the arts and crafts, counted the basketballs, and so on. We were gearing up for what was next to come, 8 busy days. 

Now I would like to just start off by saying, did you see the food in my stories?! The welcoming lunch consisted of fish, pasta, 7 salads, potatoes, quinoa, smoothies, ice cream, fruits, 8 different flavoured iced teas, 9 different water flavours, and the list goes on. Right then and there, I knew I was in for a treat.

I can confidently say, that at every point during the day, there was some sort of food being served. Talk about celebrating freedom! Let me give you a breakdown of what the food schedule looked like on a Yontiff:

1.     Breakfast – which usually consisted of bagels, variations of lox, salmon, tuna, salad, cream cheese, cottage cheese, cereal, a fancy cheese platter, yogurt, omelets, pastries, cheesecake, fruits, and so on.

2.     Kiddish – Chulent, kugel, salad and pastries.

3.     Lunch – Beef, steak, corn beef, turkey, pastrami, salami, chicken, quinoa, salad, pasta, different variations of potatoes, pasta salads, desserts, and so on.

4.     Tea room – pastries, cakes, chips, smoothies, candies, nuts, dried fruit, slushies, fresh fruits, ice cream, and ices.

5.     Afternoon BBQ – hamburgers, hotdogs, veil ribs, dino ribs, chicken wings, steak, chicken breast, French fries, fruits, and so on.

6.     Wok & Roll Chinese food – fried chicken, vegetable + beef teriyaki stir-fry.

7.     Dinner – Plated. We had options like: ribs, duck, chicken, salmon, along with a soup, appetizer, and a dessert.

8.     Night tea room – crepes, ice cream, cakes, tea & coffee, candies, nuts, dried fruit, and pastries.

There was definitely no shortage of food going on! As well, in the lobby, there was a little cart of two men making coffees, hot chocolates, and ice coffees all day. 


Now back to day camp! Day camp was from 9:30-12:30, then again from 2:00-5:15 every day. We had 7 rooms with about 2-4 staff each, and the ages were split like this: nursery 9 months+, 3-4 year olds, 5-7 girls, 5-7 boys, 8-12 girls, 8-12 boys, and we had a teen program that would meet in the lobby. Every day had a different theme, and different activities! Our theme days were Emoji day, pajama day, superhero day, rainbow day, and so on. Every day, we did a craft and activity that had to do with the current theme day.

During the afternoons, there was a special outdoor activity, followed by a different show at the end of every camp day. We would have slides, bouncy castles, water slides, a blow-up obstacle course, and game trucks. Then we watched a magic show, animal show, puppy show, dance party, drum circle, and a science show. They were incredible! We would have all the kids and their families watching these shows in complete awe. 

Camp was definitely busy and tiring, but it was amazing. The kids were adorable, and the activities were insanely fun. Do not even think for a second that I did not participate. I was on that bouncy castle, I went down those slides, I played in the game truck, and I sometimes sat front row at the shows ;) We had about 70 kids spread out amongst all 7 bunks. I miss the kiddos! 

I feel blessed and lucky that I got to spend Pesach with Kosherica. They put their sweat and blood into every aspect of the program. Yes, I know I only highlighted the food, but everything they do is so well thought out and executed. 

Every night was filled with a different entertainment act. We had Gad Elbaz, two comedians, Mordy Shapps, a magic show, a hypnotist, a slam dunk show, a casino night, an out-door amusement park. Every day you had the opportunity to hear different lectures, play bingo in the lobby, sit by the amazing pool with an open bar, get a drawing of yourself, play basketball, go golfing, play tennis, play board-games, and so on. They did think of everything.

Kosherica, thank you again! Pesach 2019 was a blast.