Am I fulfilling my passion?

When I played a boy named Trevor in my grade 11 high school play.

When I played a boy named Trevor in my grade 11 high school play.

Growing up, I had a love for acting. I loved the feeling of diving so deep into a character and experiencing a whole new identity. I loved how you could put a piece of yourself into every role, meaning, no role is the same. We are all different people with unique mannerisms, and can make things our own. And I loved how I could be a source of entertainment for the masses. 

I never pursued acting professionally, but always tried out for the lead role in school and camp. And for fun, I would always make up skits and scenes with my friends and act them out together. 

It was then, in high school, when I needed to start deciding what I wanted to pursue long-term. Growing up as a religious woman, in the modern orthodox world, I was encouraged to go out and be who I want to be, but still within reason. While I was pushed to go to university, there were certain career paths I was being geared towards. My dad wanted me to be a teacher, and my mother hoped I would pursue a career in the medical field. But I knew that was not my calling. While I had a passion for fitness and the human body, I knew acting is what I wanted to do. 

So, when I was heavily thinking about pursuing a career in acting, because of my religious upbringing, I automatically told myself, it is not possible. But I did not want to give up, so I began tapping into what exactly it was that I loved about acting.  

I loved presenting to people, I was fascinated by the TV industry, and I loved storytelling. It was then, as if a lightbulb went off into my head, “why don’t I pursue journalism?” Through all this, I also realized how much I loved talking to people, asking questions, analyzing their responses, and loved the thrill of needing to be quick on your feet in response to what people throw at you. And what I loved most, is the idea that you, as a journalist, have the power of passing over news, information, knowledge to millions of people across the world. A journalist educates people on matters they would not have known otherwise, thought about, or sought out on their own.

So, it was decided, I am going to become I journalist. And I did head down that path. I did my undergrad at York University in Communications and Media Studies, and then finished a postgraduate program in Journalism and Broadcasting at Humber College. 

Now the question you are probably thinking, and a question I have been asking myself, “What is Hardcor Snackie all about? Why aren’t you pursuing your journalism degree or passion?”

My answer is, I am. Am I still sorting it all out? Yes! Am I always thinking about whether I am fully fulling my dream? Yes. But right now, I am fulfilling my journalism and acting passion. 

According to Google, the definition of a journalism is, ‘Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information’. As funny as this may sound, I gather information about kosher snacks, and get to pass it on to the masses. I gather news about the latest foods that come out, the newest snack trends, and have a platform where I can share that with thousands of people. 

I get to act, present, engage with people, teach, learn, and explore. I get to showcase ideas that you come to me to learn about. And the feeling is great.

Now, like mentioned above, am I always thinking about what is next? Absolutely. And while I feel I am tapping into the journalism world, I feel as though my desire to act and be on stage is coming through stronger than ever, and I must explore it more. While I am myself, I add elements of drama, and humour, and become my own little actress. But I think I want more.

I am on the path of searching and still seeing my options, I love doing Hardcor Snackie!! You guys have made this experience the best. It is my outlet and I plan on staying strong with it. But I am seeking options and oppurtunies in the outside world, so definitely join me along this journey! I will keep you posted as much as I know!