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Who is Hardcor Snackie?


Hi, my name is Esther Klein and I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada to awesome Slovakian parents! And something you should know about me immediately is that I am addicted to snacks.

My love for snacks started at an early age and unlike most who grow out of their sweet tooth, mine only got heightened. I crave chocolate, and I dream about ice cream.

My fascination about unique flavoured Oreos, and the newest flavour of Lays chips had me scrolling through social media pages following along with the latest snack editions to the market. I would watch countless reviews to uncover the mysterious taste of these snacks.

But I always came across the same problem. I would get overly excited about a snack, and then later find out it was not kosher.

Being raised in a modern orthodox home, keeping kosher was a value instilled in me.

So, I started to hunt down Kosher snack bloggers/vloggers to get the inside scoop on the kosher snack market. However, I was not successful. I checked every social media platform, and what I was looking for did not exist. And that is when I created Hardcor Snackie! I started my Instagram page back in February 2017 and shot the first video at a supermarket right near my house. I came up with the script to my INTRO video with a friend and we just went with it.

I started the page with zero expectations and hoped my close friends and family would tag along the journey. I began hunting down interesting kosher snacks and reviewing them through a 1-minute video. And to my surprise, it started to catch on. People loved that they could come to my page and learn about unique snacks, where to find them, how they taste, with the comfort of knowing everything I showcase is kosher.

Now, I have loyal followers around the globe tuning in daily. Because of you, it is my continued mission to find the latest kosher products to show the world that kosher is in fact exciting and it should not feel limiting, daunting, or frightening at all.